Basic rental conditions:

  • The driver needs a category B driver’s license and at least 5 years of driving experience. Copies of the documents and driver’s license are attached to the rental agreement.
  • Campervans are rented with civil and casco insurances. The driver must make sure that the country he is visiting is on the green card (civil insurance) list. Otherwise, the renter must take out insurance before entering that country at his own expense.
  • From June 1st until August 31st the minimum rental period can be 7 days, unless the company agree otherwise.
  • The reservation fee is 300.00.EUR
  • The transfer of the car is completed after the lessee has paid the full rental price and a franchise fee of EUR 1000. When the car is returned in perfect order, without additional defects, clean, with full fuel tanks, the franchise fee is returned to the lessee within 3 working days.
  • Carrying more passengers than specified by the camper manufacturer is prohibited. It is important to know that in such a case, the insurance may not be valid in the event of a traffic accident, and the costs related to the traffic accident will have to be paid by the culprit himself.
  • The camper is rented with a full fuel tank, water tank and gas tanks, clean. The camper must be returned with a full fuel tank, empty sewage and toilet tanks, clean inside and out.
  • Smoking and pets are prohibited in the campers, unless by separate agreement.
  • You can additionally rent the following accessories: Dishes and kitchen utensils: tools (knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons), sharp knife with cutting board, dishes (plates, glasses), food preparation (pot, pan, teapot). The rental price of the set for the entire rental period is EUR 30.00.
  • Bedding sets (pillow, pillowcase, covers). The price of the set is EUR 15.00/person.
  • Comfortable outdoor furniture: 4 chairs and a table – 40 eu for the entire period.
  • Coffee capsule machine Nesspreso – 20 eu for the entire period.